I had fully intended to catch up on the blog this weekend. We didn’t have many plans, it was supposed to be windy and rainy on Sunday — everything was looking good for a nice day on the couch full of relaxing and blogging. That is, until disaster struck in the kitchen on Saturday night.

We were cooking what looked and smelled like a delicious rack of lamb with an apricot glaze and panko crust. I had just finished sauteing some veggies and Billy had just pulled the lamb out of the oven. I got out a few plates and started taking pictures. Then it happened. I grabbed the handle of the pan. I threw the camera down on the counter, spun around and rushed to the sink. I turned on the cold water and let it run over my burned fingers and thumb. They were burning. They were throbbing. OUCH!

Within minutes I had five nice white spots on every finger (and thumb) on my left hand. Billy did some research and called the 24 hour nurse line. All signs pointed to a trip to the emergency room. So, we were off — little did we know we’d be waiting for five hours. Five hours. When we finally saw the doctor, they put cream all over the burns then bandaged me up. I was to go back in 24 hours to get them re-checked and to get further instructions. When we got home at 1:30 in the morning, I crawled into bed and slept with my hand resting on a bag of ice to keep it from throbbing. (Needless to say, we never got to eat the delicious looking lamb as it had been sitting out on the counter for over five hours and at 1:30 in the morning we wanted nothing to do with food.)

Fast forward to Sunday, late afternoon. We were back in the ER to get my burns checked out (thankfully there was zero wait this time). The doctor seemed surprised that I was back so quickly, but said that my burns looked good and I should be back to fairly normal after five days of medicating, bandaging and keeping the wounds dry. (I have to wear a glove any time I am dealing with water, which is a total pain. On the plus side, no dishes for me for five days!) Then, the next bombshell. I had to get a tetanus shot. So now, not only do I have four close to useless fingers, but also a half-dead arm. Lucky me!

My Monster Hand

The Lamb, Pre-Burns

The moral of the story? DON’T TOUCH PANS THAT HAVE BEEN IN THE OVEN! Pretty obvious, right? Apparently not for me…. Here’s your sign.