Have you ever been experimenting in the kitchen and you end up coming up with something that seems to stick? That’s what happened when my sister-in-law (Jenni) made us this Mexican version of pulled pork a few years ago. There is a brand of salsas and sauces that are made in Colorado called Religious Experience, and that’s where this recipe originated. It requires almost no work at all, and the end results are always delicious. Plus, the leftovers make perfect lunches!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Brace yourself…this is probably one of the more difficult recipes I’ve posted.
– 1 jar Religious Experience (or any other brand you like) green chili sauce
– 1 pork tenderloin

Place the pork tenderloin in a crock pot and cover with the green chili sauce. Set the crock pot to cook for 6 to 8 hours on the lowest setting and…you’re done! When you return to the pork after it’s done cooking, shred it using two forks or a set of tongs.

The pork will come out of the slow cooker nice and moist and with a ton of flavor. Depending on the heat level of the green chili sauce you use, the pork will have a nice kick to it, but it won’t kill you with spice. The cooking process really lets the flavors from the sauce penetrate the meat and the heat is just a background note.

Juicy, Flavorful Jenni Pork

We usually make tacos or burritos, with the pork as the main ingredient, but I would imagine it would be perfectly tasty by itself or with a tortilla on the side. Check out my blog on homemade tortillas for the perfect food marriage!

Jenni Pork Taco

We’ve never tried it, but I would imagine that this would be just as good made with red chili sauce. You can also make a chili sauce from scratch to use in place of the jar, but then it just wouldn’t be the Religious Experience!