Have you ever tried a new recipe thinking it’s going to be the best thing ever, then failed miserably at it? It happened to me for the first time in a while last night, and for some reason I was super disappointed.

We were making salmon in parchment paper with a bearnaise sauce (yes, we’ve been making a lot of French food lately), which sounded really good. I had never made a bearnaise sauce, but it didn’t seem that difficult…it just needed a lot of attention. So, I was in charge of whisking the sauce to death, adding just one piece of a huge amount of butter at a time. Other than my arm getting tired halfway through the butter, everything was going fine.

The salmon had just come out of the oven and I was whisking in the last of the butter. Then all of the sudden the sauce got really thin and poof…the fat and solids separated from the oil. The sauce was ruined within seconds. We took the sauce off the heat and whisked it to death, hoping it would cool off and come back together. It didn’t.

I don’t know why I was so disappointed about this. I mean, I’ve had plenty of non-successful attempts at things in the kitchen in the past, right? I guess I’ve just never ruined something to the point of inedible before. That’s pretty disappointing. Not to mention that I felt like my arm was about to fall off by the end of the whole thing. But…whatever I suppose. Pick up the pieces, get over myself and carry on with the rest of this weeks meals, right? Right.

On the plus side, the salmon was really good — even without the sauce!