I think this is probably one of the first “normal” weeks we’ve had since the holidays. Between all the different holiday celebrations we had going on, our trip to Durango and Billy’s birthday, it seemed each week our menu was getting smaller and smaller. Hopefully this week will be the start to a regular routine again!

Here’s what we’ve got going this week:
– Homemade Pasta with Shrimp Scampi
– Cranberry Chicken with Quinoa
Sausage, Potato and Cabbage Casserole (at least one more time before winter is over!)
– Jenni Pork with Papitos (and homemade tortillas!)
– Cornish Game Hens with Honey Roasted Parsnips, Apples and Sweet Potatoes
– Salmon en Papillote with Rice and Asparagus

We’re trying a few new things this week and sticking with a few old standbys. I spent a good part of the weekend looking through some cookbooks that have just been sitting on the shelf as of late, and it really got me back into the “let’s try new stuff” mode. So, until next time, happy eating! Ciao.