No real post today…just an update. Things have been absolutely crazy with the holidays, Billy and I haven’t even cooked a real dinner in over a week! We have definitely eaten plenty of food though. We’re in Colorado (which is completely freezing by the way) for the remainder of the week and will hopefully get back on a regular schedule starting Saturday. We did a lot of experimenting this holiday season and had a total blast doing it. I’ll be catching up on blog posts as soon as we return to normal.

Thanks to all my readers for making this blog a success (at least in my mind) and for sticking with me through such a busy time of year! And a special thanks to all my new blogger friends who have all been a tremendous help and inspiration since I started this thing six months ago! And thanks, of course, to the Daring Bakers’ for teaching me that trying new things is possible without disaster! The food blogging community is awesome!

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year — here’s to 2010!