Okay…so I’ve fallen off the face of the blogosphere, I know. But, I have a good reason. The day after our Halloween party (thank God it was the day after) I started feeling pretty crappy and by Sunday I was down for the count. Still not entirely sure what it was/is, but Billy ended up getting it too and we’re still recovering. Anyway, I’m back. We haven’t been doing much cooking this week, but I can’t wait any longer to post about all the cool stuff we made for Halloween.

This was the first year we decided to have a party. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. We decided to go the “finger food” route and wanted to make everything with a Halloween theme. We ended up with way too much food, but everyone had a good time and seemed to enjoy the food.

What we had on the menu:
– English “Mummy” Pizza
– Meatballs in “Blood” Sauce
– Bone Breadsticks
– Green Chili Rollups, dyed orange of course
– Spiders on a Log (aka, Ants on a Log)
– “Mother-in-Law Party Mix”
– Sugar Cookies and Thumbprint Cookies
– Sherbet Punch with a Floating Brain :)

English Mummy Pizza

These were a total hit, and so fun to make. We used string cheese so it wouldn’t melt and kill the mummy look. For the eyes, we used black olives with green onions as the pupils.

Spiders on a Log

Ants on a log are one of Billy’s favorite snacks, so we totally had to make them into something fun for Halloween. Billy was really committed to those spiders, too…he hand drew all eight legs on all the spiders!


This was the first time either of us has ever decorated a cookie. I thought it was so fun! We were by no means pros, but I thought we did pretty good for our first time. We totally bought the wrong stuff though because it never hardened when it dried, it was some kind of gel (tips, anyone?). Never the less, they came out lookin pretty good!

"Mother-in-Law" Party Mix

I never looked at my mother-in-law the same after she made this mix the first time. Everyone has their favorite party mix, but this will seriously blow all of them out of the water. Something about the three (very unhealthy) sticks of butter, garlic salt and Worcestershire sauce….

Sherbet Punch...and a brain

Who doesn’t love sherbet punch (with alcohol, of course)? The brain was a little creepy though….

We had a ton of fun coming up with and creating all the food for the party. It was a little stressful trying to make so many things, but totally worth it. I think everyone got a kick out of all the Halloween themed food, and they certainly didn’t mind eating it.