We’re finally back to normal (hopefully for real this time). I’m ecstatic about it, actually.

We’ve got some fairly easy meals going this week to get us back into the swing of things:
– Enchiladas with Papitos (thanks to my mom for leaving those in the fridge for us)
– Chicken Burgers with Pasta Salad
– Sausage, Potato and Cabbage Casserole (one of my all time favorite meals)
– Some kind of Pasta
– Cabbage Rolls (another Arabic recipe/weekend experiment with my parents)

My mom’s sausage casserole is probably second on my list of favorite home-cooked meals (nothing can ever top Nanny’s mac and peas!) and Billy’s grandma’s cabbage rolls are worth the effort they take to prepare. It’s going to be a blog-tastic week, I can feel it! Until next time, happy eating! Ciao.

P.S. Keep an eye out for a review of Rio Rancho’s (and possibly New Mexico’s) best new restaurant…the Black Olive.