We kinda sucked at cooking/blogging last week. I was in some kind of food funk for some reason, but I think I’m over it. This week we’re trying a few new things to get me back in the blogging mood. Thanks for stickin with me through the hump though!

Here’s what we’ve got going on this week:
– Salmon with Spinach and Rice
– Pasta (a new recipe) with Bread and Salad
– Steak Kabobs with Onion, Peppers and Potatoes
– Stir Fry with Noodles and Rice (we never made this last week)
– Lemon Chicken with Quinoa

For the next four weekends we’re booked with family stuff. This weekend and next we’ve got family coming into town so we’ll be BBQ-ing, meat sauce making or going out. Three weekends from now is our anniversary (YAY!) so we’re spending the weekend in a hotel and in Santa Fe…hopefully reviewing some restaurants. And finally, the last weekend of the month we’re going up to Colorado Springs for one of the last golf tournaments of the season. So…short menus for a couple of weeks. I’ll make sure to keep the blog up to date though. Until next time, happy eating!

P.S. I decided to join the Daring Kitchen as a daring baker. I won’t be starting until October, but I’m (we’re) really excited about it because it will get us baking more often…something we don’t do nearly enough. So keep an eye out for a monthly post about some kind of deliciousness!